General Principles

Incalcu Group has a reasonable long-term planning on the development of dealer network channels to ensure that the network coverage at all levels of the market, and effectively protect the interests of consumers and distributors partners.

1. The applicant voluntarily accepts the review, assessment and final determination of Incalcu Group.

2.Dealers after joining the Incalcu Group voluntarily comply with the Incalcu Group, according to its standards of management, guidance and breach of contract punishment.

3.All expenses (including transportation expenses, production costs, etc.) involved in the application and interview process shall be borne by the applicant and the Incalcu Group shall not be responsible.

Incalcu Group reserves the right of final interpretation

Cooperation Requirements

1.Understand and agree with the Incalcu Group's business philosophy and sales model, be faithful to our products and the cause and is willing to do long-term investment and common development;

2.Registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, with independent legal personality and legal business credentials, the registered capital not less than 200 million;

3.Owned or capable of owning land for the operation of the Group's products. Area, service life, etc. not less than the requirements of all levels;2017/1/19

4.Enterprises operating in good condition, have sufficient financial strength, have a good market development, product promotion services;