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Corporate Culture

    Culture is the soul of the enterprise, contains the value of the enterprise, representing the pursuit of enterprise. Cultural construction is the key to the success of enterprises to promote the development of enterprises an important source of power.Integration of cultural and economic, promotion between culture and competitiveness, have become an important symbol of modern enterprise competition. The formation of corporate culture core values system is learned and improved based on the rich content culture of fully inherited and carried forward during the course of entrepreneurial process.
    The core concept of corporate culture:
     1, Corporate Mission
     To strengthen our country, benefit the people''s livelihood, benefit the society.

     2, Corporate Vision
     Build national brand, create industry model

     3, Corporate Purposes
     Lead technology, build first class enterprise, benefit workers, contribute to society.

     4, Corporate Philosophy
     People oriented, one step ahead.

     5, Corporate Spirit
     Self improvement, truth seeking, high quality, high efficiency

     6, Corporate Values
     Famous brand promotes enterprise, benefit employees, fate with Incalcu

     7, Corporate Ethics
     Based on four level of enterprises, employees, customers, community: honesty, dedication, integrity, 

    We uphold the cultural heritage of generations of Incalcu, inheriting and developing, advancing with the times, and constantly go beyond ourselves, constantly explore and innovate with the culture of the inspiration to inspire enthusiasm, creativity and teamwork, inspire passion and potential, to achieve the organic unity of value of employees and corporate, agglomerate self-realization of values of staffs into a powerful force to promote the development of corporate. Enrich the rich connotation of corporate culture during innovating enterprise management and accelerating enterprise development, corporate culture applied to all aspects of enterprise management, bearing in mind the goal, keep its value, not forget the faith, standardize the behavior, strength for technological innovation , vitality for management innovation, power for cultural innovation, make the culture into intangible rules and regulations, with the constraints function of cultural, improve the management system and ethics, support enterprises to develop faster. Give full play to the cohesive function of corporate culture, people-oriented, respect for labor, unity and fraternity, mutual trust, format a strong enterprise cohesion and centripetal force, to agglomerate staffs, gather forces, and strive to create the best business environment, produce the best green products.